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Keep up to date with construction and traffic websites for the Riviera and Pacific Palisades.  You can also find a great guide with useful phone numbers you may need here in town and a variety of other services. Also, check out our Emergency Response guide. For up to the minute news, accidents and more go to Check it out!

GENESIS GOLF OPEN, Riviera Country Club, Feb. 10-16, 2020

Please see attached for tournament information, ticket discounts, phone numbers and parking restrictions. neighborhood ticket letter_discount tickets_2019 – final (1)

2019 genesis open parking restrictions


The frequent drought situation has a lot of people questioning their options for landscaping.  Before you go to a synthetic grass, please consider some alternative grass substitutes that do not require as much water as current grasses (see attachment).  Or, consider reducing the amount of grass in your yards and using it more as an area rug adding additional plantings around the perimeter.  Also, DO NOT remove trees.  You can soak tree roots once a month and they will continue to thrive. Please consider the environmental impact of your changes prior to making them and make sure to submit them to the ARC of the CRHOA.


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