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CRHOA Territory & Map

CRHOA is one of three Home Owner Associations in the Riviera.  The CRHOA community is bordered by Will Rogers State Park, The Riviera Country Club and Rustic Canyon border the CRHOA community. The 413 homes in the community include 400 to 1486 Amalfi Drive, 1255 to 1490 Capri Drive, all of Corsica Drive, Minorca Drive, Napoli Drive, Pavia Drive, Spoleto Drive, Toulon Drive, 13573, 13585, 13600, 13620 Romany Drive and Sunset Boulevard from 13601 to 13956.

The other two Home Owner Associations in the Riviera are:

Riviera Estates – Janeen Fabbro / 310-459-3346 / or, (Amalfi above 1487, San Remo, Sorrento, Monaco, rest of Romany, Lucca, D’Este), and Upper Riviera –  Arlene Fink, (Alta Mura, San Onofre, Casale, Umeo and Capri above 1491).