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Major Project Application

Please click below for the PDF application form for a Major Project (Demolition, New Construction, Remodels, Additions, Any exterior alterations or the addition of an Accessory Structure):

Click here to print application MAJOR Project Application20

MAJOR Project Fees and Submittal Procedures  MAJOR Project Submittal Procedures 20

Drop Off Address: 17933 Castellammare Drive, Pacific Palisades 90272.  OK to leave on the table under the gazebo.  8AM-9PM on submittal days.  Call ahead if a different date, 310-454-5245.

Fast growing hedge materials are no longer allowed in the front of the property.  Click the link for suggested plants materials that would be accepted in the front or feel free to suggest your own. RECOMMENDED PLANT LIST – FRONT

To help assure your submittal is complete please use the attached checklist. ARC Review checklist


1. An increase of the existing structure’s square footage by 50% or more, or alteration or demolition of more than 50% of the existing exterior walls, requires that all elements of the property (including hedges, fences, walls and gates, pool, HVAC and other equipment) be brought into conformance with the current Architectural Guidelines.

2. Substantial construction with intent to diligently complete the job must begin within one (1) year from the date of approval. Otherwise, the approval expires unless an extension is requested in writing and granted.

3. A set of plans stamped approved by the CRHOA must be kept on the job site for inspection by the Association’s representatives and/or any interested owner(s) of property in the tracts.

4. Any deviation from or alteration to the approved drawings and specifications, during construction or at any time thereafter, renders the approval null and void. Any deviation from the Architectural Guidelines must be specifically noted and called out in the submission package.

5. The Architectural Review Committee* (“ARC”) shall have the right, but not the obligation, to periodically inspect the project without prior notice. Owner understands that any such inspection does not relieve the owner from the duty to comply with the Association’s Architectural Guidelines and with all applicable Building & Fire Codes.

6. Unless the approved drawings and specifications show the location of, and specifications for, fences, walls, gates, hedges, and other hardscaping and landscaping, aerials for radio or television and/or other structures of any kind, you are required to submit drawings and specifications in duplicate (and the appropriate fee) and obtain CRHOA written approval before constructing or installing any or all of them.

7. Upon completion of framing, a survey must be submitted showing the elevations of the first floor, roof and top of structure. Upon substantial completion of the project, an updated survey must be submitted showing completed work, hardscape, top of roof elevation, first floor elevation and CRHOA datum.

8. Neither the ARC’s consent to the Project nor any inspection of it shall give rise to any liability by the Association, the ARC, or its representatives. Owner agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Association, its officers, directors, ARC members, employees, consultants and agents from claims arising from the Project or its approval or inspection by the ARC.


Unless the parties agree to arbitration or mediation as provided for in Civil Code §1354, any dispute involving enforcement or interpretation of the Association’s Governing Documents or which arises in connection with the management or operation of the Association shall be heard by a judicial reference (“Referee”) without a jury pursuant to the provisions of Section 638 of the Code of Civil Procedure. If the parties cannot agree on a Referee, one shall be appointed by the Court in accordance with Section 640 of the Code of Civil Procedure. All issues shall be determined in compliance with the judicial rules, statutory and decisional law, and rules of evidence of the State of California. Discovery shall be limited to depositions and requests for the inspection, production and copying of documents. Depositions may be taken by either party upon seven (7) days’ written notice. Request for production or inspection of documents shall be responded to within ten (10) days after service. The cost of the Referee shall be shared equally between the parties. However, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. The judgment shall be subject to all post-trial procedures and appeals.


(Demolition, New Construction, Remodels, Additions, Any exterior alterations or the Addition of an Accessory Structure)

1. Submit the required fee, the application signed by the owner(s), up to four (4) full size 18×24 or 24×36 sets (call to discuss number of sets); two (2) sets reduced to 8-1/2×11″ of drawings, and 1 set in a scalable Adobe PDF format of drawing specifications and other materials in sufficient detail to demonstrate that the Architectural Guidelines are satisfied, as follows:
a. Plot plan showing property lines, dimension from property line to street or curb, building location, setbacks dimensioned, indication of new and existing construction and natural (unmodified) and finished grade and elevations, walls, fences, gates and all service enclosures, such as air conditioning condensers, pool equipment, electrical cabinets (transformers must be buried in a vault & shown), water heaters, and any building projections such as chimneys, balconies and pop-out or bay windows. A survey is required for any project that increases the building height or the square footage.
b. Floor plan showing dimensioned references to all outside features of the building.
c. Building sections showing all elements of new construction, addition and/or remodel referenced to the allowable building envelope.
d. Roof plan showing all roof slopes, solar panels (cannot be seen from the street), chimneys, skylights and other roof appurtenances.  Solar panel plan, if available.
e. Exterior elevations showing all dimensioned references to the following items: finished grade adjacent to the building; exterior details clearly defined and referenced to the allowable building envelope; finish materials information for walls, roofs, and other features seen from public street. (Note: must be indicated on plans if “matching existing.”)
f. Show on plans: Total square footage of lot area, buildable lot area, lot coverage and gross building area.
g. Landscape and hardscape plan showing location and size of trees, hedges (see restricted front hedge materials in Guidelines) and other plantings, walls, fences, gates, patios, pool, spa, any sports court and exterior lighting. Full landscape plan may be submitted later, subject to an additional fee. Walls, fences and gates must be shown on original submission.
h. Attach a copy of any existing city or CRHOA variance of which you are aware. Otherwise we will assume none exists.
i. If you are seeking a variance from the City or CRHOA, please attach a cover letter setting forth any justification you have.

2. Each page of drawings, specifications and other information must be numbered and dated.

3. Revised submissions (if required) must be complete sets as detailed above, and bear the revision date.

4. Standard Review: The ARC meets approximately once per month. Deadline for submittal is ten days prior to the meeting date. Approval or disapproval letters normally are sent within fifteen (15) days after the meeting. CRHOA retains one set of approved plans; the other set of approved plans is returned with the approval letter.

5. Expedited Architect Review: As an option, for an increased fee, the CRHOA architect will review the plans within 10 business days and provide comments to you in advance of the first review of the plans by the ARC. If they are nonconforming, the architect will work with you or your representative on a one-time basis to assist you in bringing the plans into conformance. You or your representative must make the corrections and provide two (2) complete corrected sets of plans, 3 new 8 1⁄2 x11 copies and new PDF in accordance with the above-noted submittal requirements. Your submittal must still be reviewed and an approval granted or denied by the ARC at its next schedule meeting. You will receive a written response after the ARC meeting.

6. Interim Survey: Upon completion of the framing of the project, a survey must be submitted showing the elevations of the first floor, roof and top of structure.

7. Final Resurvey Upon Completion: Upon substantial completion of the project, an updated survey must be submitted showing completed work, hardscape, lst floor elevation, top of roof elevation and CRHOA datum. The ARC shall have the right to walk through the property and all construction areas upon completion to check for compliance.

8. How to Submit: Please check our website ( for review deadline dates,  Architectural Guidelines and other helpful information, or call 310/454-5245.  Drop-off address,  17922 Castellammare Drive, Pacific Palisades 90272 (ok to leave on the table under the gazebo).

8. Fee Schedule (non-refundable)

Major project initial submittal:

Project per Square Footage: Dues-Paying Members / Non-Paying Members

(include basement)


Major project submitted after  start of construction:

Project per Square Footage: Due Paying Members/ Non Paying Members (include basement)


Re-submittal of major project due to nonconformance or insufficient information:

Project Square Footage:  Dues-Paying Members / Non-Paying Members

25% of initial fee

Expedited Architect Review of major project:

Project Square Footage:  Dues-Paying Members / Non-Paying Members (include basement)


Expedited Architect Review submitted after  start of construction:

Project Square Footage:  Dues-Paying Members / Non-Paying Members


Check Payable to CRHOA